Young-Wook Lee

Director & Professor of Astrophysics
Center for Galaxy Evolution Research & Department of Astronomy, Yonsei University, Seoul 03722, South Korea
phone: 82-2-2123-2689
e-mail: ywlee2 (

  • Education

  • Employment

  • Awards & Honors

      Hubble Fellowship, 1990-1993, from NASA Space Telescope Science Institute
      Dirk Brouwer Prize, 1990, from Yale University for "a contribution of unusual merit to astronomy"
      Certificate of Recognition, 1991, from NASA "in recognition of contributions to the Hubble Space Telescope Program"
      Selected as One of the 20 Most Cited Astronomy Papers, 1995, Royal Observatories, UK
      Co-I & Head of Korean Participation, 1998-2013, NASA GALEX mission
      Scientist of the Month Award, 2000, Korean Ministry of Science & Technology
      Distinguished Alumnus Award, 2000, Yonsei University
      Asian Science & Technology Pioneer, 2002, World Economic Forum
      Scientist of the Year Award, 2003, Korean National Assembly
      Role Model Scientist, 2003, Korean Ministry of Science & Technology
      NASA Group Achievement Award, 2004, for "a contribution to GALEX mission"
      Yongjae Special Award, 2005, Yongjae Foundation
      Organizing Committee Member, 2006-2012, IAU Commission 37
      Member, 2006-2008, Korean National Space Committee
      Distinguished Research Award, 2008, Yonsei University
      Underwood Distinguished Professorship, 2008-2011, Yonsei University
      Member, 2009-present, Korean Academy of Science & Technology

  • Research Interests

      Stellar Evolution & Populations in Globular Clusters & Elliptical Galaxies, Observational Cosmology, Space UV Astrophysics

  • Scientific Papers

      5 papers published in Nature/Science
      150 papers published in top 5 journals of Astronomy/Astrophysics
      90 papers published in conference proceedings or domestic journals
      Total number of publications: 245
      Total number of citations: 13,300
      h-index: 60

  • Selected Publications (Complete Publication List)

      Lee, Y.-W., Demarque, P., & Zinn, R. 1990, "The Horizontal-Branch Stars in Globular Clusters. I. The Period-Shift Effect, the Luminosity of the Horizontal-Branch, and the Age-Metallicity Relation", APJ, 350, 155

      Lee, Y.-W., Demarque, P., & Zinn, R. 1994, "The Horizontal-Branch Stars in Globular Clusters. II. The Second Parameter Phenomenon", ApJ, 423, 248

      Lee, Y.-W. et al. 1999, ˇ°Multiple Stellar Populations in the Globular Cluster w Centauri as Tracers of a Merger Eventˇ±, Nature, 402, 55

      Martin, C., Fanson, J., Lee, Y.-W. et al. 2005, "The Galaxy Evolution Explorer: A Space Ultraviolet Survey Mission", ApJ, 619, L1

      Lee, Y.-W. et al. 2005, "Super-Helium-rich Populations and the Origin of Extreme Horizontal-Branch Stars in Globular Clusters", ApJ, 621, L57

      Yoon, S.-J., Yi, S., & Lee, Y.-W. 2006, "Explaining the Color Distributions of Globular Cluster Systems in Elliptical Galaxies", Science, 311, 1129

      Lee, Y.-W., Gim, H., & Dinescu, D. 2007, "Kinematic Decoupling of Globular Clusters with the Extended Horizontal Branch", ApJ, 661, L49

      Lee, J.-W., Lee, Y.-W. et al. 2009, "Enrichment by Supernovae in Globular Clusters with Multiple Populations", Nature, 462, 480

      Joo, S.-J. & Lee, Y.-W. 2013, "Star Formation Histories of Globular Clusters with Multiple Populations. I. ω CEN, M22, and NGC 1851", ApJ, 762, 36

      Chung, C., Yoon, S.-J., Lee, S.-Y., & Lee, Y.-W. 2013, "Yonsei Evolutionary Population Synthesis (YEPS) Model. I. Spectroscopic Evolution of Simple Stellar Populations", ApJS, 204, 3

      Jang, S. & Lee, Y.-W. 2015, "Star Formation History of the Milky Way Halo Traced by the Oosterhoff Dichotomy among Globular Clusters", ApJS, 218, 31

      Lee, Y.-W., Joo, S.-J., & Chung, C. 2015, "The Milky Way without X: an Alternative Interpretation of the Double Red Clump in the Galactic Bulge", MNRAS, 453, 3906

      Kang, Y., Kim, Y.-L., Lee, Y.-W. et al. 2016, "Early-type Host Galaxies of Type Ia Supernovae. I. Evidence for Downsizing", ApJS, 223, 7