Y2 (Yonsei-Yale) Stellar Models

  • Paper 1: Yi, Demarque, Kim, Lee, Ree, Lejeune, &Barnes 2001, ApJS, 136, 417
  • Paper 2: Kim, Demarque, Yi, & Alexander 2002, ApJS, 143, 499
  • Paper 3: Yi, Kim, & Demarque 2003, ApJS, 144, 259
  • Paper 4: Demarque, Woo, Kim, & Yi 2004, ApJS, 155, 667
  • We present a database of the latest stellar models of the $Y^2$ (Yonsei-Yale) collaboration. This database contains the stellar evolutionary tracks from the pre-main-sequence birthline to the helium core flash that were used to build Y2 Isochrones. We also provide a simple interpolation routine that generates stellar tracks for given sets of parameters (metallicity, mass, and alpha-enhancement).

    (20 October 2004)
    Note that the NEW tracks based on the new Overshoot scheme (Demarque et al. 2004) are now available. We now have a ramping treatment for the value of the convective core overshoot (that is, OS=0.0 for M<Mcrit, OS=0.05 for M=Mcrit, OS=0.1 for M=Mcrit+0.1, OS=0.15 for M=Mcrit+0.2, OS=0.2 for M>Mcrit+0.2), where Mcrit is the mass at and above which a star develops a convective core. This NEW version should be preferred to the OLD one. The interpolation routine works for both versions.

  • Download The NEW whole Stellar Models for [a/Fe]=0.0.
  • Download The NEW whole Stellar Models for [a/Fe]=+0.3.
  • Download The NEW whole Stellar Models for [a/Fe]=+0.6.
  • Download this updated version of the interpolation routine for the tracks (in mass, Z, [a/Fe]).

  • One should use this updated version rather than the one included together with the tracks.

  • Download the version 1 full set and the original interpolation program of the YY Stellar evolutionary tracks.
  • This is the Asian site of Y2 Stellar Tracks.
    There also are US site at Yale and European site at Oxford.

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